Our Wedding Album

How would you like to be reminded of your wedding day? After many, many years you will still be able to show your friends and family the most treasured moments from your wedding day, printed on finest quality paper with our professional photo wedding album.

The wedding album that we have to offer will show you the best photographs from this special day. Printed on high quality paper, the pictures we have will not just be loaded onto a memory stick or lost in an ordinary file somewhere in the outermost reaches of your computer hard drive, this wedding album will pull attention to it, inviting and enticing you to relive this glorious day over and over again. A most beautifully documented presentation of the bride and grooms devotion to one another that you could one day share with your children, or even your children´s children…

Elegantly bound and presented, our wedding album offers a classy representation of a selection of photographs of your choice that can sit and decorate any shelf or display, beautifully protecting the magic of your wedding day and always at a hands reach.

Our finest wedding photographers will work every step of the way with you to create this wedding memento.

Print Quality

Each page from our wedding album is printed on high quality silver paper – the finest printing paper there is. The pictures are refined with gloss ensuring excellent colour saturation. Every accent shows.

Brand paper such as ´Kodak Glas´s or ´Jujufilm HD anti-fingerprints´ also belong in our repertoire.



Individually encased

The cover of your wedding album is particularly important. You decide at every step of the way how your album exterior should appear – the front and back covers and the spine. As a result you will receive from us the ideal blend of beauty and stability.