As renowned Berlin wedding photographers we are always keeping our eyes open for new ideas. In Berlin, there are hardly any special photo booth offers and we felt that this, originally American photographic fun idea, deserved a place at every event in our program. Then even the Berliners want to show in their wedding pictures that they too know how to party!

The Photobooth is actually much more than a standard Passport Photo Booth. Whether you are planning a wedding party or an office event, the Photobooth makes certain that laughter will always be on your side with every ‘passport photo’ taken. The pictures captured, be it with an amusing background or crazy props, can be linked, in real time, with your accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc… They can also be sent immediately per e-mail to your friends and family, in this way no one is left out!

In case your office event should request the unity of the represented firm, the option is also available to brand every photo with the logo of your firm or company. All branded photos are naturally also available to be downloaded in real time to your online social networks.

Space for fun!

The Photobooth is made up of many different elements that can be flexibly built at every site. There are no walls or limitations and a large group of people are easily able to place themselves before the Photobooth camera. Interesting or stimulating motifs can be projected onto the background screen and of course, lighting can be adjusted for the perfect shot. Even a make-up artist is ready for availability.

Props and Accessories.

To further enhance your Photobooth experience, we offer a range of amusing props and accessories at your guests disposal with no added expense. This will ensure a playful atmosphere in which, through our program, unforgettable pictures can be made.

No Sad Faces!

There are no sad faces with our Photobooth! Simply through the way it encourages interaction amongst your guests we don´t even have to say ‘cheese’! Our experience has taught us that the Photobooth is a fantastic ice breaker that will have friends and strangers alike laughing and playing together.

Online Gallery!

After the photo shootings we will provide an online, password protected gallery so all your friends and family can access them. The photos are available to be downloaded should you wish it.


Will I receive a digital copy of all photos?

Yes! In just a few days after the event you will receive access to all the high quality picture data that we can present to you.

What will the picture quality be like?

The photos are captured to the highest possible standard in high resolution frames with a 24 megapixel quality camera. Additionally we will illuminate your photos with the same professional lighting we use here in our very own studios.

How does Photobooth work?

Operating the Photobooth is very easy. When all guests are ready and waiting simply click on the remote control provided and your photo is taken. With a simple timing adjustment setting, you also have the option of delaying the caption of the picture by two or ten seconds. The photos can be viewed on an ipad and sent to you per e-mail as soon as the photos are taken. Photobooth also offers countless special effects to further enhance your pictures.

Are the pictures availiable online?

Yes. After the event and included in the price, an online gallery will be created for you whereby you will be able to view all the Photobooth photos taken. The photos can also be called for over Facebook.

What are the restrictions for the usage of Photobooth?

The Photobooth is an extremely flexibly piece of technology that can be transported to almost every location.

Do the props belong to the equipment?

We love props and funny accessories. They belong to the standard equipment of our Photobooth.

Can you bring your own ideas to the shooting?

Yes! Please contact us to find out more.