Our wedding photographer

The work of our internationally awarded wedding photographer, Yan Revazov, enriches the treasured memories of those special moments in the family history for many households. His work also adorns the covers of many leading magazines around the world.

Yan creates beautiful portraits as well as spontaneously recorded individual artworks which all carry through the love, fun and laughter from your wedding day.

He understands that each wedding, each individual bride and groom, is unique. Yan doesn´t just stay in the background when he works. He understands that to produce photos with the atmosphere and the energy felt through the love of the freshly married bridal couple, he needs to be amongst the guests. In the fray! Only then can his photos show a true representation of the events of the day.

Yan would traverse the entire world to document your most special of days.

If you choose for your wedding to be documented by Yan and the team here at iKlick photo studios, from the first minute onwards you can expect to receive a service like no other. At the end of if all, you hold with you forever, the memories of this exquisite day, engraved with the loving atmosphere felt from friends and family alike. Truly, a most brilliant of choices.