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Auch Ihre Gäste landen ins Bild

Welcome to the Online Website for iKlick Wedding Photography.

With a professional wedding photographer, rest assured that the most beautiful and sacred memories of your life with be captured within the unforgettably wonderful photography we have here to offer.

Thanks to our many years of expertise we, at iKlick photo studios, can transport you back in time to revisit those most beautiful memories you hold dear through the photos we could have to offer you. The photos we would take at your wedding are promised to capture a range of moments, from the formal, yet timeless group tableaus, to the more spontaneous, intimate moments created in the radiance of your friends and family.

Of vital importance to us before your wedding day, is that we get to know you. We want the best impression of you possible so that the photos that we take will be perfectly customized to your wishes and preferences. The building of trust between us will help support the feelings of confidence you will have in our work, making the running of this special day that much smoother for all involved.

From intimate moments of the Bride and Groom, to wide spanning captions of the entire congregation present, we are sure that we can bring the best photos of your special day to life, managing not only to capture the innocence of smartly dressed children (however short lived these moments might be) but also taming the more wild of party goers. Of course, these are just examples of what we could bring to the table. Through our photography advisement appointments, we can come together and go through your own personal list of what you especially wish to have captured no matter how crazy or strange they might appear to be.

We hold strong organization very close to our hearts and know that there are more than enough other things that could steal your attention at your wedding. From our side, you can have faith that the photography at least, will run smoothly and without problem.

Your Wedding Album

A wedding album, pressed upon only the finest quality printing paper, is always within reach to bring most beautiful memories of yours to life to the friends and family closest to you.

Relive this one perfect day every anniversary and eventually share these timeless memories with your children and grandchildren.

The pictures held in your album emanate a professionally executed standard and quality with the high gloss paper revealing the brilliance of the colors again and again. You will have, of course, every influence throughout the development process to fully ensure a Wedding photo album tailored to you.

Learn more about our wedding album by clicking here!

Your wedding photographer

Yan Revazov is an internationally recognized wedding photographer whose photos find themselves in editorials and family homes around the world.

Yan places special focus on the shaping of the portraits of the bridal pair. He also beautifully captures the more intimate celebratory moments.

He has developed a special artistry in his photographical reproductions of the wedding ceremonies demonstrating his skill by capturing and portraying the more individual and unique of moments.

After the marriage, the photos will be delicately enhanced to the high standard offered only from such high profile wedding photographers as Yan. The energetic and festive atmosphere of the day will be as clear and present in the pictures as you remember them.

Wherever you celebrate, he´ll be there.

Learn more about our wedding photographer and book him by clicking here!

Photobooth for Berlin and its surrounding areas

Photobooth is the new party fad for every event. Whether it be at a wedding where the guests position themselves in all their finery in front of the Photobooth camera, or be it at an office event as the ultimate ice breaker, Photobooth is ready at every occasion to bring the technical conditions needed to create interesting and amusing pictures.

Photobooth works exactly like a passport photograph photo booth. You decide if and when the trigger should be pressed and with the ‘background’ special features option, you can magic yourself to almost every location on earth for those extra special photos. We can also provide the Photobooth with costumes and props for extra fun.

Learn more about what we can do with the Photobooth by clicking here!

Languages we speak

Berlin each day becomes more and more international. On the streets we hear different languages which becomes a norm in our times. And who would not like to have for the big day of the life the fotografer which can understand and communicate with the members of your familie. Our photographers speak English French German and Russian. Which makes him perfekt photographer for the most international weddings in berlin .